What Are Office Cleaning Services?

What Are Office Cleaning Services?

What Are Office Cleaning Services?

An office, irrespective of its size, requires cleaning and maintenance. Clean spaces to work in are vital for productivity and, most notably, for health. 

Office cleaning services ensure that different surfaces and rooms in your office are sanitized and clean. A good workspace is essential for productivity; maintaining and cleaning it is all the more crucial.

Basic Office Cleaning Services

Your firm may have a janitor, or you may hire cleaning personnel from a specialized service provider. Regardless of who is doing the cleaning, the quality of cleaning is essential. Some cleaning procedures are necessary and cannot be evaded.

Here are the primary services you should implement to maintain a clean workspace:

What Are Office Cleaning Services?

Sanitary Services

Following the COVID SOPs of your area, your employees should disinfect and sanitize all surfaces frequently. They should clean while wearing masks and gloves to protect the office and themselves. They must also ensure that office sanitary tools like wipes, disinfectants, and sanitizer dispensers are refilled and working.

Trash and Garbage Disposal

Most people tend to take for granted the availability of an empty and clean trash can. Empty and clean trash bins are essential for office sanitation.

Ensure bins from all rooms and floors are emptied at the end of the day or mid-day. It depends on how much trash is generated at your firm. Also, instruct your employees to dispose of waste in an environmentally safe manner. 

Floor/Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning of floors should be a daily cleaning service at any office. Floors are the largest surface areas that are used daily and constantly in any room. Numerous people who come from different places enter and leave the office. The number of shoes picking up and depositing dirt and grime in an office is not to be underestimated. 

Vacuuming or sweeping followed by mopping with disinfectants is very important. If your office is carpeted, ask your employees to carry out stain removal from carpets now and then. Also, have your carpet cleaned out at least once a year. If you floors are not carpeted, polish regularly. These services will ensure that your office looks and smells fresh.

Rest Room Sanitation

We all know how vital restrooms are to any establishment. Its cleaning depends on the number of toilets in your building and the number of people in the building. Create a schedule for cleaning them accordingly. 

Large offices usually have them cleaned out several times a day. Regardless, cleaning them at least once a day is essential. Make sure the plumbing is frequently checked as well.

Cleaning of Work Surfaces

Surfaces like tables, shelves, cubicles, and chairs must be cleaned regularly. Disinfecting them with wipes or sprays is also essential. 

Your office may have reflective surfaces like metal or glass. These surfaces can get dirty quickly, so it is a good idea to clean them frequently. Different surfaces may require different cleaning agents. Your cleaner should choose them accordingly.


Although cleaning does a lot of the work in making your office look presentable, always tidy up after. Sort out the different components in your office after cleaning. A tidy and clean office will ensure that you have a good image going across your employees and customers!