Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

When entering any business establishment, the first thing we notice is the appearance. It is a complete turn off to be around places that are dingy and smelly. It is also why businesses that look, smell, and feel better attract more people.

Given below are some of the most popular services included in our Altrincham commercial cleaning services. If you don’t already have the service, consider hiring so you can improve your business.

What do they offer?

Commercial cleaning services will provide you with cleaning services on a contractual basis. These contracts may underline various terms of service such as frequency, type, and payment mode.

When you make a contract for such services, it ensures that both parties are safe from unprofessional practices. If any misunderstandings occur, any party can approach a court of law.

You can divide the services they offer into two main categories:

Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

Regular/Daily Services

Daily or regular services are cleaning services that help with the ‘surface’ maintenance of an area. These are non-intensive services that are necessary for keeping your workspace clean and tidy. They are:

  • Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping
  • Disposal and recycling of garbage
  • Restroom maintenance
  • Dining Area/ Food Court Sanitation
  • Refilling/ restocking of sanitary commodities like toilet paper and sanitisers.
  • Other janitorial services. These are usually long-term.

These services usually function on a long-term contract with your cleaning service providers. They will deploy service persons to your building/office daily.

However, for this type of service, your company will have to provide essential cleaning equipment like brooms, vacuum cleaners, mops, wipers, etc.

Extra Added Services

These services are a little more expensive. They are different from daily services as they are intensive. You can avail of these services by making a joint contract of daily and added services. Or you can draw up a new one.

These services are ‘deep’ cleaning services, and daily application is not necessary. They are maintenance-based cleaning services that help prolong the life of assets in your office or workspace. They are divided into:

Weekly Services

  • Wiping down work surfaces like shelves, tables, chairs. Service also include sanitation of electrical appliances like computers, printers, and photocopiers.
  • Cleaning of reflective surfaces like windows. 
  • Buffering/machine scrub of floors.

Monthly Services

  • Dusting of high ceilings. Cleaning of light fixtures or replacement of covers for light fixtures.
  • Cleaning and dusting of air vents and air-con fixtures.
  • Cleaning of kitchens. It includes cleaning cabinets, sinks, and all appliances within a kitchen.
  • Upholstery maintenance. It includes cleaning blinds, curtains, and shutters. It also includes steaming of furniture, cushions, chairs, and sofas.

Add-On Services

  • Pressure and power washing of walls and floors. Some companies have steel or other metals incorporated into their architecture. Using power tools to clean them is required.
  • Carpet washing/replacement and stain removal.
  • Checking for damaged floors and walls and replastering/replacing them. Cleaning services may not replaster large concrete surfaces. They may only fix cracks and refill dents.


Finding a reliable cleaning service is beneficial to your company in the long run. As such, companies usually stick to a single cleaning service to maintain consistent results. Moreover, sticking to a single service improves communication and harbours good relationships between the companies.