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Welcome to Alpine Facilities Services

Cleaning for leisure industry


Are you in the leisure industry? Let Alpine Facilities Services help you give your clientele a safe and clean place to visit.

We have a range of experience across different aspects of the leisure industry and can provide cleaning services to; sports stadiums, recreational facilities, gymnasiums, locker rooms, auditoriums, function suites and fine dining. We will always work around your business needs to deliver a clean, healthy and hygienic environment.

Leisure Cleaning Services, Tailored to You

At Alpine Facilities Services, we strive to make our cleaning services for the leisure industry incredibly easy to manage and efficient for your business. We take the time to get to know our clients and understand their needs, so we can provide the right cleaning levels and maintain stringent compliance in a number of settings.

With experience in providing a range of cleaning services for the leisure industry throughout Hale, Cheshire and across the North West of England for over a decade. Our current client base includes restaurants, health clubs and social clubs; please contact us for a free no-obligation quotation. 

Leisure cleaning

Uphold Your Business Reputation

Within the leisure industry, your facilities’ cleanliness is what your customers see first as they are always on show; you know customers are likely to judge you on this. Whether you run a gym, sports facility, local club or pub, you may lose revenue if your customers are put off by how clean your facilities are. 

At Alpine Facilities Services, we understand customer perception is key within this industry and environment; we can help your standards stay consistently high. 

Contact Us

At Alpine Facilities Services, we are committed to providing an excellent service to all our clients; please get in touch for more information. We welcome enquiries from new customers and feedback, questions or concerns from existing clients too; call us on 0845 520 2014 or email us at