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Facilities Services

Welcome to Alpine Facilities Services

Facility management services

Facilities Services

With Alpine Facilities Services, you get the advantage of decades of experience and expertise in the industry, all tailored to match your requirements. We aim to provide clients with clean, secure, well-maintained environments, so they can focus on what they do best. We work to meet our customers’ ever-changing requirements at every stage of their business cycle to design and deliver fit-for-purpose service. 

With our Facilities Services, we ensure that they run smoothly, saving you time and money. We provide a high-quality service, whether indoors or outdoors, to create a great first impression; we can help you keep your outdoor environment looking as welcoming as your indoor space.

Bespoke range of facilities services

Ensuring workplaces are clean and hygienic is essential; our team can help with this and help you create a welcoming place to work through various facilities services. 

Our services include: 

  • PAT Testing 
  • Ground Cleaning and Site Maintenance 
  • Graffiti Removal 
  • Washroom services 
  • Air Conditioning HVAC 
  • Waste Removal 
Facilities services
Alpine Facilities Services

Why choose Alpine Facilities Services?

Our approach is bespoke and flexible, so our services can suit your current and future business needs. Our Facilities Services are tailored right down to the finest detail and we aim to meet your business needs, here’s why you should choose us: 

  • Dedicated On-site Facilities Staff
  • 25 Years of Industry Experience
  • Superior and Safe Cleaning Products 
  • Commitment to Continually Improve Customer Service
  • Facilities Services Delivered At a Time to Suit You
  • Comprehensive and Tailored Risk Assessments
  • Tailored Services, Built Around Your Business

Contact Us

At Alpine Facilities Services, we are committed to providing an excellent service to all our clients; please get in touch for more information. We welcome enquiries from new customers and feedback, questions or concerns from existing clients too; call us on 0845 520 2014 or email us at