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Communal Cleaning

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Communal cleaning

Communal Cleaning

A communal area in any building is the first thing a visitor sees; at Alpine Facilities Services, we can help you keep it clean and welcoming. These areas in flats or apartment blocks also need to be clutter-free to avoid real fire risks. Office blocks where businesses share the building, the communal areas are the first place that their potential clients see if it’s unclean; this reflects on their business.

Communal areas are not only the busiest areas of your properties, but they are reflections of the people that manage them. Alpine Facilities Services provides communal area cleaning services to housing associations and property management companies regarding cleaning and maintaining communal areas, including staircase cleaning and reception areas. 

Residential communal cleaning

Residential communal areas are typically common areas in blocks of flats, a lobby or reception area, for example. Still, they can also be any room that is used by an entire house in multiple occupancies. At Alpine Facilities Services, we can clean the kitchen, bathroom and any other communal areas within flats or apartments.

Communal cleaning services

Commercial communal cleaning

Commercial communal areas are any part of an office building shared by multiple businesses, for example. These areas can be hallways, entryways, kitchens and reception areas. At Alpine Facilities Services, our communal area cleaning services also covers shared offices and co-working spaces.  Our team takes pride in providing a comprehensive communal area cleaning service at an affordable price throughout Hale, Cheshire and across the North West of England; why not contact us for a free no-obligation quotation?

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