School Cleaning


Many schools are switching to green cleaning practices, a practices which is environmentally friendly and even cost effective. Green cleaning practices are known to perform well and are associated with fewer health and safety hazards. Schools have been found to save on costs whilst engaging in these cleaning practices, and as the evolution to go green gains momentum, a good way to start, is via schools. Here are some of the school cleaning best practices.

1. General Cleaning best Practices

The starting point to school cleaning best practice starts by adhering to the best practices such as:

• Keeping dirt at bay by walking on mats at the entrance and exit points.
• Reducing litter in classrooms.
• Effective hygiene implementation practices.
• Proper and right dilution of cleaning products to ensure safe practices.
• Maintaining and replacing cleaning equipment equipment on a rolling / annual basis. Modern equipment is designed to clean without circulating dirt.
• Disinfecting and scheduling of bacterial prevention programmes.

2. Go Green

The best cleaning products to use are those green products that function as a system. For instance, if you need to use green floor strippers you may require to change your floor finish into floor finishes that are effectively cleaned by green floor cleaning products.

3. Purchase Concentrated Floor Cleaning Products

In pilot tests carried out in schools and facilities in Liverpool and Manchester, it was established that switching from pre-diluted cleaning products to concentrated cleaning products was of benefit to the educational institutions. Moving away from ready-to-use products was found to save schools money as well as lowering transportation costs. Diluted products mostly contain large amounts of water, so basically a school will be paying to transport large amounts of water.  For instance, purchasing diluted bathroom disinfectant will cost a school the charges to pay for 64 ounces of water used to dilute every single ounce of the disinfectant. Therefore, diluting it correctly will save the school time and money.

4. Metered Dilution

Diluting chemicals and cleaning products by hand leads to staff using more concentrated products than recommended. It is thus recommended for schools to use metered dilution equipment that will effectively measure the right amount chemicals required.  School cleaning best practice is the way to go when effective cleaning is required. Schools can as well hire the services of professional cleaners such as Alpine Facilities.