NEW ENERGY INEFFICIENCY REGULATIONS for Non Domestic Buildings presented to Parliament – Require an E Rating.

EPC_RatingEPS News. The new regulations (including EPC ratings) that make it illegal for landlords to rent out the most energy inefficient buildings from April 2018 have now been presented to Parliament and Landlords better make sure that they have buildings with a minimum performance grade of an EPC E say Alpine Facilities.

From April 2018, landlords will be required by law to get their most inefficient buildings to an energy efficiency rating of at least Band “E”, evidenced by an up to date Energy Performance Certificate. This first week of February the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS), (which includes the “Grade E”) regulations to Parliament. This includes the private rented sector minimum energy efficiency standard regulations (non-domestic) and a similar set of regulations for domestic buildings.

Buildings that score an E rating in today’s calculations could be downgraded to an F rating by the time the regulations come into force, since EPC scoring gets progressively tighter as building regulations become more stringent over time. The regulations will apply upon the granting of a lease to a new tenant, and a lease to an existing tenant. The penalties for non-compliance could be as high as £150,000 per property and include:

£5,000 for failing to comply with a compliance notice, or for providing false/misleading information.

For less than 3 months of non-compliance the penalty is 10% of the rateable value, with a minimum penalty of £5,000 and a maximum penalty of £50,000. Non-compliance will be published.

For 3 months or more of non-compliance the penalty is 20% of rateable value, with a minimum penalty of £10,000 and a maximum penalty of £150,000. Non-compliance will be published.

Landlords should be reviewing their properties now to identify which properties will need refurbishment in order to achieve a minimum Band “E” EPC rating by April 2018. This will enable them plan any works and investment needed in good time.

Alpine Facilities have been undertaking high volume EPC conformance checks on Non-Domestic building portfolios for Landlords who are forward thinking, for some time now. Portfolio owners are advised to check the gradings of their building stock and commence an improvement programme or at least budget for improvements. We also undertake cost benefit checks to ascertain which measures are the most cost effective in improving the Grade.

Why Use alpine?

Alpine Facilities are one of the leading National supplier of Building Compliance Certification, we also work as preferred suppliers to many major National and International clients.

We have in place Professional Indemnity Insurance to the value of £5million, one of the highest in our market; this is here to ensure you are protected at a level appropriate to a top class client.

Each and every one of our assessors has been security screened and CRB checked to ensure that we provide you with the highest calibre and integrity of individuals acting on your instruction. This has given Alpine an excellent reputation in our market.

Our assessors are fully trained via our own process though our Accreditation Partner, which enables us to control the quality of training and work, providing them with regular updates and we control the whole ACI collation process from first instruction to certificate delivery. This will give you the confidence knowing that it will be the designated Reports assessor name which will appears on the certificate, not someone you have never heard of. Using a large team like ours ensures consistency of reporting, essential for portfolio work.

To support the ACI process, we have a team of full time auditors who continually check and assess the work being carried out to ensure that you can be sure of the accuracy and quality of the ACI or test certificate that we issue to you.

Using our own highly developed integrated workflow management system (WMS), we plan, instruct monitor and complete every ACI inspection ensuring that these are delivered to you in the most cost effective and efficient way possible. There is a seamless flow of operation from your initial instruction to you receiving the completed certificate, allowing you to log in and track progress along the way.

Importantly to both of us is the security of our inspectors whilst on site and travelling to appointments; we have a ‘Lone Worker’ policy that ensures the safety of all our lone workers and provides you with the confidence that we are a professional and caring organisation.

As all of our assessors will be working in their local regions, this keeps travelling to a minimum, reducing vehicle usage which helps us improve our green footprint whilst conducting the surveys for you. In addition, the assessors will know local traffic conditions and the surrounding geography so will be able to plan the most effective routes to each and every survey.